Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah - Richard Seeley Photography

Sunset Rainbow at Sunset Point

Sunset Rainbow at Sunset Point - I sat in my car watching the rain fall on the windshield. Did I really want to stand in the rain at Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon, Utah, looking for a sunset shot? We did not drive from Silverthorne, Colorado to Bryce to wimp out now. So, I walked out to the Point under soggy skies and joined a few other photographers huddled in the wet conditions. At least I was not the only one. But, before long I was the only photographer on the Point as the others drifted away in frustration. I was feeling self-conscious and lonely. Lots of tourists would run up, take a shot, and then retreat from the weather.
Then LUCK happened. Rain stopped, a window in the clouds must have opened, and then this appeared.

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